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Host Anything Privacy Policy

Legal Obligation:

Host Anything respects your privacy. At no time is the information given on this website used for any third party availability. We have never, and will never sell your information, or give it away to anyone. The only exception to this rule is any legal requirement to which Host Anything finds that the retention of such information may be to our disadvantage, leading to the reduction or termination of services to other clients, or ourselves. E-mail addresses and contact details used for newsletters or promotional events are only acquired by proper subscription practices. This means you must sign up to receive this information, and you will be removed from any such mailings at your request.

Credit Cards:

No information regarding credit cards or personal information is kept on the Host Anything servers. All ordering is done through our billing partner via a secure connection to prevent interception. As a result no member of staff at Host Anything has access to your information, nor will we require it. Should you ever be contacted by anyone claiming to be a member of the Host Anything staff asking for any personal information feel free to contact us about it.

No information sent to them from Host Anything's website is unprotected, and no credit or information is sent to any other website or company at all.

Visitor Information:

The information we do collect on this site is simple, non personal data based on browsing habits. These include total 'hits' to this site (much the same as a counter on personal pages), pages viewed in general, as well as browser model and operating system. In an effort to promote Host Anything more productively the site you entered Host Anything from is also logged. This is not unusual for any site though most will make no mention of it. The data is collected and displayed to us as a daily and monthly statistical graphs.


Should you ever find a cookie from Host Anything in your computer feel free to delete it. It is merely there to remember you next time you log in to some areas of Host Anything and does not collect any information we can use above that. They are harmless and do not collect any extra data, nor send anything to us. From time to time Host Anything may reduce or expand our cookie setting software, but all will use the above mentioned guidelines. Our cookies are only mentioned due to a policy of full disclosure to our customers and visitors, and not due to any legal requirement.


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