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Host Anything: About Us

Host Anything is a privately own and funded web hosting business. Running at profit since inception we continue to build strong growth and maintain high customer retention levels though careful planning and high levels of customer service. This level of attention of detail stems from our origins as a web development business, devoted to getting people's businesses on the for years.

Our servers are Linux boxes running Apache and Redhat. This combination is an industry standard due to their reliability and performance levels. A constant upgrade path means servers are maintained with up to date software, from operating system to Perl, and PHP.

Our selection of datacenters to house our servers makes it possible for us to provide a high quality service, at a very affordable rate. Our lowered need to concern ourselves with faulty hardware means we're able to spend a larger percentage of our time with individual customers. This means, customers recieve fuller explanations of support issues, and indepth responses with a special attention to detail that few other providers can offer.



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